Vulnerable Road User Bill

"Vulnerable Road User (VRU) Laws provide important legal protection to bicyclists and other persons who are not protected by steel cages. VRU laws operate on the principal of general deterrence - by providing an increased penalty for certain road behaviors that lead to the serious injury or death of certain road users people will be deterred from doing those behaviors around those users. The model law includes very strong punishments for people who seriously injure or kill bicyclists and other vulnerable road users."

- League of American Bicyclists

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In 2016, the Senate Bill No. 171, the 'All Road Users Act', which was modeled on successful Vulnerable Road User laws in other states, was introduced to the Louisiana Legislature. The bill would have increased penalties for motorists who injure or kill Vulnerable Road Users as a result of distracted or negligent driving - it was eventually defeated in the Louisiana House of Representatives by just four votes.

In 2018, a coalition of organizations representing Vulnerable Road Users in Louisiana, including Bike Walk Louisiana, ABATE, and more will work together to submit this legislation to the our representatives and to support its passage.

Nine¹ states currently have a Vulnerable Road User Law, and eleven² others have more limited statutes aimed at protecting bicyclists specifically.

¹Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Maine, Oregon, Utah, Vermont & Washington
²California, Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Nevada, Oklahoma & South Carolina

The below organizations support and endorse a Vulnerable Road User Law for the state of Louisiana.


Bike Walk Louisiana


ABATE Louisiana


Ane more to come...